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This currency converter will show you conversion results if you want to calculate USD to ZAR or ZAR to USD. Currency converter has integration with various forex and currency exchanges, so the results are always shown by current rate of exchange. South African rand currency is the most stable currencies in Africa, and it’s most common exchange pair is with US dollar. Below you will find latest currency exchange rates of SA rand and US dollar. Reliable and accurate USD to ZAR calculator is here below.

USD to ZAR calculator

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Current USD to ZAR exchange rate

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  • 0.0000ZAR

SA exchange rates updated: 18th July 2024

Currency converter is very useful tool if you want to know current rate of exchange by exact amount of the rand. We all are interested to convert zar to any currency, so most popular pair with rand is of course, us dollar. This international money converter or calculator (it is the same meaning just different words) is able to convert usd to zar, you just need to enter amount of usd and enter amount of zar and press “Convert“. The result comes in text and shows you the price of usd or the price of zar – it depends on what currency you’ve chosen to convert from.

As we all know, there are many currency exchanges in South Africa. But you have to be smart before you exchange any currency. In common case you will exchange us dollar to rand if you came for holidays or you came from work abroad to see your family. So, before you go to currency exchange, just check here, with this calculator how much you should get after conversion. Exchanges, when selling or buying currency, offers different exchange rate, so buy/sell exchange rate will be different. When you sell – exchange rate is higher if you compare with exchange rate when you’re buying. For example, if you’ll sell 1000 usd and will get some amount of rands, later, with those rands which you’ve got from exchange you won’t be able to buy 1000 usd, you will get less. So, from this difference, currency/forex exchanges earns money.

In South Africa, you should exchange you currency (rands or us dollars) in fx currency exchanges, but we won’t recommend to do this in hotels or airports. The best and safest way is to exchange currency at banks or currency exchanges. At every bank or currency exchange you will see electronic tables, where it shows the exchange rates of different currencies when the main currency is SA rand. In those tables you will su BUY and SELL rates, so, depends on your needs, you have to check BUY or SELL rate.

Currency converter ZAR USD
Currency exchange

This price converter does not include BUY or SELL exchange rates, this currency converter works by collecting official exchange rates from central bank of SA, banks, currency and fx exchanges.

Rand per US Dollar

Weighted average of the banks’ daily rates at approximately 10:30 am. Weights are based on the banks’ foreign exchange transactions.

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